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The integration courses are provided as part of the integration agreement for people who have immigrated to Austria and want to settle there for a longer period.
The integration courses aim to achieve German language skills at level A2. The courses last on average 4 months and end with the A2 exam


ÖIF Language voucher

The integration courses aim to achieve German language skills at level A2. The courses last on average 4 months and end with the A2 exam. If you have a valid ÖIF voucher, you will be reimbursed 50% of the course costs (up to a maximum of 750 euros) by the ÖIF after passing the exam. You will receive the ÖIF voucher as part of the integration agreement. It is valid for 18 months (i.e. that the A2 level examination must be successfully completed at the latest 18 months after the voucher has been issued to be reimbursed with part of the course costs).

Language voucher worth 300 euros

For the integration courses, there is the possibility to redeem the Vienna language vouchers worth 300 euros.
The Vienna language vouchers with a value of 300 euros (100 euros each) are issued to immigrants who have moved to Austria in the past two years and have their main residence in Vienna.
A language voucher worth EUR 100 can be redeemed for a German course of a course level with at least 80 teaching units of 45 minutes each. Accordingly, the second and third language vouchers, each with a value of EUR 100, can only be redeemed for higher course levels.


Learning German means acquiring skills that you can use to improve your professional and private quality of life!

German Intensive Course A1-C2

German Integration Course A1-B2

Preparation courses for the ÖIF,ÖSD and EPD exams

ÖIF exams from A1 level to B2 level

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“The big ban gives me step-by-step instructions on how I can learn the German language easily. One of the best investments in my future. ”

Sarah Gerden

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