Big Ben Bildungsinstitut Wien

Private tutoring

Private lessons

  • Mediation, repetition, deepening of school content; Working together and closing existing knowledge gaps
  • individuelle Betreuung der Schüler*innen durch eine Lehrkraft  intensives und verstärktes Eingehen auf individuelle Schwierigkeiten im Schulstoff
  • Promoting the understanding of current teaching events and willingness to learn targeted and intensive preparation for school assignments
  • Last-minute support 
  • Semester-long learning support

Group lessons

  • homogeneous study groups of 2 to 6 people each
  • Individual support in small groups
  • Placement, repetition, deepening of current school content
  • Supporting the development of social skills through group lessons and promoting social interaction with peers
  • Supervision of homework and additional exercises
  • Providing effective learning tips and techniques that optimize the learning process
  • Semester-long learning support
  • Promotion of self-organization by accompanying a weekly schedule which parents must sign daily